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Are Independent Agents Important?


The modern-day customer is looking for value, ease of services, and quick responses. In an era of impersonal internet companies, slick advertising, and “branding,” it can be hard for consumers to determine where to find the best insurance program for their needs. To provide the best possible combination of coverage, services, and pricing, you need to look no further than your local independent agent.

Your Personal Shopper. Working with an independent insurance agent is like having a personal shopper. Similar to how a real estate agent sorts through properties to help you find your home, an independent insurance agent reviews many different insurance companies' rates and coverage options to help you get policies that best suit your needs.

They Are Your Personal Advisers. Agents not only find you competitive pricing, they make sure you are adequately covered based on your needs. Working with you, your agent becomes your personal adviser, taking the time to listen to you and understand your individual needs.

Claims Assistance. One benefit of using an independent agent is that you will get help filing claims. If an accident occurs, you can report the event to your agent, who will then notify your insurer. Your agent can help you fill out claim forms and can advocate on your behalf if problems arise.

Cost-Effective. Independent insurance agents also offer the freedom of a one-stop shop. By consolidating your insurance needs under one roof, you will avoid multiple rounds of phone calls, policy agreements, and rotating account managers; you will also save yourself a lot of time.

They Offer Unbiased Advice. Think of your agent as your advisor. An independent agent can help you sort the hype from the hard facts. They draw on their industry knowledge, the track records of different brands (big and small), and past experiences with other customers to help you find the best policies and avoid the bad ones.

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