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Why Create a Home Inventory?

Why Create a Home Inventory?

Why Create a Home Inventory?

A Personal Insurance Update

Your homeowners insurance is designed to repair or replace any personal property that was damaged or destroyed because of as coverage loss.  However, the coverage is only as good as your ability to remember what was damaged or lost.  If you had a large loss, it might be difficult to remember every item in your home.  We have found that in some cases the homeowner actually undervalued what was lost.  Our goal is to help you get what is due to you under the terms of the homeowner’s insurance policy.  Nothing more or nothing less.

Having a home inventory is the easiest and best way to deal with insurance claims after a disaster or loss.  This also expedites the claim process, making it easier to be paid.

  • It helps settle claims accurately and promptly.
  • It provides the required documentation of ownership and value.
  • It helps with estate documentation.
  • It preserves your heritage.

Additional Tips

Keep all receipts and a detailed record of antiques, electronics, jewelry, and major appliances.  Include make and model in your descriptio

Continuously update your personal home inventory as you acquire new items.

Photograph or video record your inventory items.  Make sure videotapes and photos are dated.  Store in a fireproof box or at secondary location.

When categorizing your clothes, simply group items, like five pairs of pants, etc.


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