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Home Burglaries Are Too Common… Why You Are at Risk

A Home Insurance Update

Having your home invaded by a burglar cannot only cost you monetarily, but it can cause stress and a loss of security.  Over 60% of homes are at risk of having a burglary according to a national insurer. This number includes renters and owners of condominiums as well.

Top Ways Thieves Get in Your Home

Un-locked door or window
Key left outside
An open garage door

How to Reduce the Chances of a Home Burglary

Having lights on
Security system
Outside lights on timers
Neighbor watch programs
Keeping all doors and windows closed and locked

Limit the amount of shrubs around windows
If you have the right kind of homeowners insurance, a loss like this should be covered.  However, we always recommend you call our team to have a review of your personal insurance program.
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