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A Few Reasons Not to Buy Insurance

A Few Reasons Not to Buy Insurance

An Insurance Update

Every agent offers tips and suggestions on why you should buy insurance.  However, here are a few reasons not to buy insurance.  Insurance is designed to protect you from unknown events that might cause you a financial loss.  Some people think insurance is not worth it or just costs too much, so here are our reasons not to buy insurance.

  1. If you do not own a car, walk everywhere, or use a bike for transportation, you may not need auto insurance.
  2. If you are going to win the lottery, you may not need life insurance.
  3. If your rich uncle is going to leave you millions of dollars, you can cancel your loss of income insurance.
  4. If Phil Knight just named a shoe after you and your royalties will be millions of dollars, you may not need long-term care insurance.
  5. If you have a superhuman immune system and your doctor says you cannot ever get sick, maybe it is time to reduce your health insurance.
  6. If you develop a time machine so you can travel to the future to save yourself from every accident, you may not need liability insurance.

Even wealthy people buy insurance because the value and return on investment is so good.  For a few hundred dollars you can transfer the risk of your home burning to the ground, not a bad deal.

We offer all types of Personal Insurance coverages to our clients including Auto, Homeowners, Motorcycle, Boat, Car, Renters and Umbrella. Our benefits department can also assist you in protecting you and your family with Life, Insurance. 

Give one of our agents a call to save money on your Business Insurance. Some of our Commercial insurance coverages include Commercial Auto, Work Comp, Business Owners Packages, and General Liability.

Let us help you cut your insurance cost! Just give us a quick call today at (888) 443-7744 or Submit one of our quick online quote forms - with the help of our dedicated business partners; we conveniently offer an entire solution for all your insurance and business needs.

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