How to Drive Your Auto insurance

An Auto Insurance Update
There are very few places in America where you are permitted to drive vehicles without insurance.  Therefore, it is important for each of us to get a better handle on our auto insurance coverage.  The industry is continually changing and competition is strong, and people are always looking to lower their auto insurance costs.  Here are a few factors that may help you save money on your auto insurance.

Young Drivers
If you have teen drivers, you are going to pay a higher premium.  Some companies have good student discounts on students with a grade point average of 3.0 or better.  When the young driver reaches 21, the rates begin to drop with most companies.

Senior Citizen Discounts
Most companies have discounts for people age 55 and older who are retired or work less than 20 hours a week. There are mature driving courses that can also give the senior citizen a discount.

Multi-Policy Discount
This discount is available when you insure both your auto and home with the same insurance company.

Adjust Your Coverage
One of the best methods of reducing your auto insurance costs is to modify your coverage.  For example, if you increase your collision deductible above $100 you will receive a reduced premium.  You may not even need collision on older vehicles.

Let us Shop Your Auto Insurance
The best way to save on your auto insurance is to have our professional staff shop for the best possible combination of coverage, price and service.
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