Seattle Business Insurance

It is good to review your business insurance program every year

Every business, like a person, needs checkup from time to time.  As your business grows or changes, your business insurance should respond accordingly.  If your business changes, there could be the possibility that you may not have the right business insurance coverage, and that can lead to an uninsured claim.

What a business insurance check-up looks like

We will review your policies and compare them to your operations to make sure that you have the coverage that matches your risk.  We will also review the following questions:

Have you added any new locations?
Do you now design, sell, or manufacture any new products?
Did you update or remodel your facility?
Did you make any investments in your business?
Have you added transport or delivery services?
Have you sold any personal property or equipment?
Are you expanding your services and/or your client base?
Have there been any changes in ownership?

At Belltown Insurance Group, we can design a specialized package according to your property, liability, and casualty needs. We are also proactive in identifying any factors that may increase your premiums or change your risk, and provide consulting and risk management options to protect your business. 
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